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          Jean Hunt’s books address how animals can be a catalyst for understanding nature and the environment and their role in human spirituality. Jean, Caroline, and Zach have done an amazing job in telling the story of a young girl, her cat, her dog and the many animals they encounter in their adventures along the South Carolina coast. These delightful books are a must not only for animal and wildlife lovers but also for everyone.”

Alan Ethridge, Executive Director

Metropolitan Arts Council, Greenville, SC



Home of the Mattie and Bogey Series

JEAN HUNT’s inspiration for the Mattie and Bogey series began when she and her husband Julian bought a home that was once part of an old plantation on the coast of South Carolina. Wildlife and animals live on the land that is surrounded by huge oak trees, marshes and woodlands and is the setting for the story.

Out of the woods strolled the cat they named Bogey. He brought with him a raccoon and a squirrel. The three adventurous animals settled into a peaceful routine in their new home. Jean based her story on these amusing characters and her love for nature and animals.

         I liked the characters because they do things animals don’t usually do. When I get to the end of the chapter, I just want to keep on reading.

Lucy, age 8

          I love Jean Hunt’s stories because the animals are smart. They talk about history and that is cool.”

Molly, age 8

          I like these books because they are adventurous and they are fun and
crazy and that’s why I like these books so much and never want to stop
reading them.”

Katie, age 9